Our focus

Technology Skills & IPR:
1. Understand the opportunities and challenges of new technology, and find optimal model to commercialize the technology,
2. Protect IPR's and make business with IPR's,
3. Find globally resources for research and development work to have the latest competence, tools, and solutions to build competitive solutions.

Financial and Earnings Model Innovations:
1. Combine investor, public, and customer funding in areas where the public funding is not enough anymore, e.g. in healthcare and senior people services,
2. Utilize crowd-funding for products and services that ordinary people want to support, not only as an investment, but e.g. for ecological and ethical reasons (e.g. new energy solutions, better health care, environment projects),
3. Develop earning models to pre-pay products and get investments in that way 

ICT and Social Web:
1. Social media has already changed business especially in communications and media, but in many other areas, like in healthcare, wellness and finance services the change is just starting,
2. Social web help to develop models that make middle-men useless and can create more effective models to work and make business,
3. Peer-to-peer and crowd-sourcing are ways to enable communities to make things together and get people to work together; it can also develop democracy in many services.